Aba Isini


Many young Garifuna in Guatemala are not being taught the language.

We tried to find out why this was.

The Garifuna language is a blend of several dialects. The main influences are,  Arawak (45%), Carib (25%), French (15%), English (10%), and Spanish (5%).

Something that makes Garifuna unique is that it uses distinct male and female terms to refer to the same thing.

Some phrases in Garifuna

Good morning.                          Buiti binafi.

How are you?                              Ida biangi?

Very well, thank you.                Úadigiati. Buguya?

And you?                                      MagadietinaBuguya?

What is your name?                  Ka biri?

My name is Benjy                      Benjy niri bai.


1 aba                 2 biama               3 ürüwa

4 gadürü           5 seingü              6 sisi

7 sedü                8 widü                9 nefu

10 disi

Some good sites to learn more are,

Clifford’s Garifuna Lessons.




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