Aba Isini

The Garifuna of Guatemala

Learn more about the Garifuna of Guatemala

This site is the culmination of a creative collaboration between a young Garifuna man, Benjamin (Benjy)  Palacios and a young Australian film maker, Yasmine Ernst.

When Benjy found out that an Aussie knew more about his culture than he did, he decided he needed to know more about his roots. Benjy quickly realized that he was not alone in his lack of knowledge about his history and culture. Teaming up with Yasmine,  they decided to create a record of what he discovered so that he could share it with others.

Benjy and Yasmine went on to produce 11 short videos about the Garifuna in Guatemala. Their videos give voice to people whose opinions are rarely heard.  The statements in the videos are the beliefs of the interviewees rather than those of the film makers. The information presented are therefore personal beliefs and may not always be accurate.



Garifuna Pride



Loss of Culture



Dia de Garifuna



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